Esoteric Beverage

Focus inwards.


Boil water.

When the thermal energy transference to the H2O molecules cease forming bubbles or gaseous vapour… unplug the kettle.

Select a simple drinking vessel.

Observe the featured image of a seemingly innocent, happy little mug. It’s not. The distracting art could halt enlightenment by triggering obsessive thoughts…

Is the bear grimacing or smiling? 
Is he holding a 2-iron club?
Why would his wife even let him leave their den dressed like that? And so on.


Let any residual, disturbing impressions drift away, and pour freshly boiled water into a plain cup.

Cool beverage to a comfortable drinking temperature.

Sip and savor its well-rounded and intensely natural bouquet… Understanding it may actually take decades to recognize the true depths of this seriously dull yet oddly satisfying drink.

If (when) awareness happens, accept it. Humbly.

Celebrate by donning a pair of old woollen socks to wear with your summer Birkenstocks.

This esoteric beverage pairs perfectly with Abysmal Peppermint Cookies.

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