Great Canon of St. Andrew of Crete

Image by Couleur Pixabay

The blooming crocus is also known as the penitent flower.

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The Great Canon of St Andrew of Crete is read during the first four nights of Great Lent, and the last part – the Life of St. Mary of Egypt is read Thursday evening on the 5th week of Great Lent.

Short Explanation of the Canon.

Daily Lenten Prayer of St. Ephraim

Image by Mammiya – Pixabay

The crocus is also known as the penitent flower.

Happy Clean Monday!

During the week days of Great Lent… we say this beautiful and ancient prayer by St. Ephraim the Syrian (4th century).

Great and Holy Monday

Thank you Irena, for sharing this photo.

Greetings on Great and Holy Monday.

As we begin Holy Week, earthly life ceases for the faithful as we go up with the Lord to Jerusalem. ~Matins of Great and Holy Monday

During the Presanctified Liturgy Let My Prayer Arise is sung.

During the harsh weather at winter’s end, the crocus… also known as the penitent flower, springs up and blossoms forth in time for the spiritual lenten season of repentance, efforts, and hope.

May we, wherever we are… particularly during pandemic isolation, blossom forth with efforts of repentance, love, hope and faith in God’s mercy.

Although these are trying times… This is just for now.

May your Holy Week be full of blessings.

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