O Canada!

Image by ElasticComputeFarm from Pixabay

🎶 …God keep our land glorious and free! 🎶 ~ Excerpt from Canadian National Anthem

…for our land, authorities and armed forces, let us pray to the Lord… for this city, and every city and land, and for the faithful who dwell therein, let us pray to the Lord… for seasonable weather, for abundance of the fruits of the earth, and peaceful times, let us pray to the Lord… Lord have mercy! ~ Excerpts from the Litany of Peace

Happy Canada Day! ❤️

Unexpected Benefits of Kindness

If our thoughts are kind, peaceful, and quiet, turned only to the good, then we also influence ourselves and radiate peace all around us – in our family, the whole country, everywhere. This is true not only here on earth, but in the cosmos as well. When we labour in the fields of the Lord, we create harmony. Divine harmony, peace, and quiet spread everywhere.

       – Elder Thaddeus of Vitnovica

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