Prayer for Peace

Image by Ri Butov from Pixabay

A Prayer for Peace

On a global scale, Russia’s ongoing war with the sovereign and independent nation of Ukraine continues to physically and spiritually affect everyone.

Question: “Should the Russians pull out of Ukraine?”
Metropolitan Mark of Germany (Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia) responds: “Is that a question? Yes, definitely! And completely.”

War is Negatively Affecting Russian Church, Must Stop Immediately ~ Metropolitan Mark of Germany (ROCOR)

Metropolitan Mark is certain that the war will change the Russian Orthodox Church, “and unfortunately not for the better.”

I ask that the hostilities be ceased immediately and that President Putin put an end to the military operations. As Orthodox Christians we condemn violence and aggression… ~ Metropolitan Tikhon Orthodox Church of America and Canada Statement

…There is no greater sin than war. ~ St. Sophrony the Hagiorite

Regarding evil tribulations, I quote my wise godmother, “This is devil’s work.”

Silence is complicity.

Silence is acceptance.

May we all – and especially those who are in positions of spiritual authority, bravely speak out for the Oppressed, with the Voice of Truth.

May God shine His Light on those who work for the powers of darkness and destruction of humanity, and on those who are either knowingly, or unknowingly, being used as political tools.

For the Peace from Above, and Peace for the whole world, let us pray to the Lord.

Lord have mercy!

Video by Александр from Pixabay
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