Nun, the Wiser


Nun, the Wiser – is a fictional story.

Due to family illness, summer holiday plans change, and our reluctant heroine leaves for an all inclusive vacation to a convent! Joining her is cousin Faith, and the mysterious Marina. Hesitantly participating in convent life, they discover Abbess Everild and the other nuns are not at all what they expected! Suspense and adventure for guys, gals, and adults young at heart.

Members of my family have visited several North American monasteries over the years, and been blessed with amazing experiences.

If one wishes to visit a monastery or convent – please remember to first obtain a blessing from your parish priest. Then acquire permission directly from the Abbot or Abbess as to when it is best suitable for them for a visit. Don’t ever “drop in”. Depending on the the timing of the Liturgical year, monastic schedules vary greatly, and one’s unscheduled visit will cause disturbance.

There’s a required dress code, and certain etiquette is involved at a monastery. Please confirm details with the monastery before you go. It’s always helpful to bring a gift of olive oil for the church lampadas, and be ready to help as needed. A traditional cash donation covering the cost of your food and possibly guesthouse stay is always appreciated and needed. May an angel go with you!

Chapter 1 Grrrrr!

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