Fair Maids of Février

They arrive

each year

in time

for Candlemas,

purely arrayed,

virginal white,

blessed with

the verdant

emerald kiss

of spring…

Fair Maids

of Février

magnify Him –

as Snowdrops.

Old English names for Snowdrops are: Christ’s Flowers, Purification Flowers, Candlemas Bells, Fair Maids of February (Février).

St. Luke 2: 22-40
Is the Feast Day of The Meeting of Our Lord in the Temple- February 2/15 (Julian/Gregorian calendar)
Which is 40 days after the Nativity of Christ. On this day, since 450 AD, church candles are also blessed.

Centuries later, there arose a European folk custom that if, on the Feast Day of the Presentation, any burrowing animal who came out of his hole to see the light (and his shadow), would immediately return again to his den- predicting that winter would indeed be lasting six more weeks.

European immigrants brought this folk custom to North America in the 1800’s, however, the civil calendar promotes “Groundhog Day” over the Feast of the Presentation.

An old English name for another spring flower, the Crocus, is the Penitent Flower.  It pops up and blooms before Great Lent begins, which can begin anytime after the Feast Day of the Meeting of the Lord in the Temple.

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