Candy Cane

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There was no room left at the inn
To lay His Holy Head.
The Virgin Mary bore her Lord
Within a cave instead.
The ass and ox beside Him, stood
To guard the holy crib.
Fulfilling ancient prophecy,
Isaiah’s sacred script.

Illumined by angelic hosts
The shepherds, sore afraid-
With magi knelt inside the cave,
Before Him, Homage paid.
The Blessed Babe Of Bethlehem
Changed manger Into Throne.
Now Cherubim and Seraphim,
Exalt with dust and bone.

And so, with stars and moon we bow,
With joy at Christmastide,
For He Who walketh on the winds,
Hath promised to abide
With us forever, lo; alway,
He loosed the snares of death!
We thank Thee, sweetest Jesus Christ,
For Thy Life-Giving Breath!

The shepherd’s staff, turned upside down
Shaped in the Letter “J”,
It lifteth up the fallen lambs
The sheep, who’ve gone astray.
T’was later striped a crimson red,
Made sweeter By His love,
A foretaste at Nativity-
His Paschal Gift of Love!

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