He is Our Gladsome Light

For though He appeared as a man yet He was not in all things subject to the laws of humanity; that he was born of a woman, savored of lowliness; the virginity however that attended His birth shows He transcended mankind. His carrying in the womb was joyful. His birth immaculate. His coming forth without pain, His nativity free of blemish, neither taking rise from the will of the flesh, nor brought forth in sorrow, for since she [Eve] who by her fault had brought death to our nature was condemned to bring forth in sorrow; it was fitting that the Mother of Life should bring forth in joy. And in that hour, in which the shadows begin to retire, and the immense gloom of night was forced back by the splendour of this Light, Christ, through this virginal incorruption, comes to share the life of mortal men. For death had reached the boundary of the domination of sin, and now it moves towards nothingness, because of the presence of the True Light, which by its evangelical rays has given light to the whole world. ~ St. Gregory of Nyssa

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