Sunday of the Samaritan Woman

Christ is Risen!

The Samaritan Woman by the Well Altar Mosaic – St. Sophia Orthodox Church, Canada

Today’s theme is Living Water and the recognition of our Lord Jesus Christ as God’s Messiah. ~ St. John 4:1–26

Today we are reminded of our new life in Him, of our own true worship of God in Spirit and in Truth. ~ St. John 4:23–24

If now a woman of Samaria is so earnest to learn something profitable, if she abides by Christ though not as yet knowing Him, what pardon shall we obtain, who both knowing Him, and being not by a well, nor in a desert place, nor at noon-day, nor beneath the scorching sunbeams, but at morning-tide, and beneath a roof like this, enjoying shade and comfort, yet cannot endure to hear anything that is said, but are wearied by it. Not such was that woman; so occupied was she by Jesus’ words, that she even called others to hear them. Let us then imitate this woman of Samaria; let us commune with Christ. For even now He stands in the midst of us, speaking to us by the Prophets and Disciples; let us hear and obey. How long shall we live uselessly and in vain? Because, not to do what is well-pleasing to God is to live uselessly, or rather not merely uselessly, but to our own hurt God brought us into this present life, and breathed into us a soul, that we should make use of the present time with a regard to the life which is to comewe have an immortal soul, that we may use every means to prepare ourselves for that other life and we must do all that we may shine there, that we may join the choir of Angels, and stand before the King continually, through endless ages. And therefore the soul is immortal, and the body shall be immortal too, that we may enjoy the never-ending blessings. But if, when heavenly things are proffered you, you remain nailed to earth, consider what an insult is offered to your Benefactor, when He holds forth to you things above, and thou, making no great account of them choosest earth insteadof what great blessings you deprive yourself. God grant thathaving been well-pleasing to Christ, we may obtain everlasting blessings, through the grace and lovingkindness of our Lord Jesus Christ; to whom with the Father and the Holy Ghost be glory, now and ever, and world without end. Amen. ~ St. John Chrysostom (Homily 31 on the Gospel of St. John)

Truly, He is Risen!

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