IC XC ~ Jesus Christ (Abbreviated Greek for Jesus Christ. The lines above the letters indicate the words are abbreviated)

NIKA ~ Conquers

IC XC and NIKA (Greek) refer to Jesus Christ’s conquest of Hades and His victory over death and sin by His glorious Resurrection. IC XC and NIKA is stamped on Prosphora.

It’s a pious custom to keep holy bread and holy water in one’s icon corner. These are consumed upon breaking the previous night’s fast, along with morning prayers.

O Lord my God, may Thy holy gift and Thy Holy Water be unto forgiveness of my sins, unto enlightenment of my mind, unto strengthening of my spiritual and bodily powers, unto health of my soul and body, unto vanquishing of my passions and weaknesses, by Thy boundless merciful kindness, through the prayers of Thy Most-pure Mother and all Thy Saints. Amen. ~ Russian Orthodox Cathedral of St John the Baptist 

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