Intentions and Ladybugs

Busy Ladybug on Allium Flower

Why are Ladybugs called Ladybug?

A European tradition from the Middle Ages relates how during one particular year, farmers’ crops everywhere were abnormally attacked by great plagues of small insects. Threatened with potential starvation, the people prayed fervently for the intercession of the Virgin Mary. Prayers were quickly answered with huge clouds of tiny orangy-red insects spotted with black dots, which arrived and ate the offending pestilence. In gratitude, these little bugs were bestowed with the honorary title of Our Lady’s Beetle. Over time, this was shortened to lady beetle, ladybird, and ladybug.

In all our actions, God considers the intention: whether we act for Him or for some other motive. ~ St. Maximus the Confessor

As the field is adorned by a multitude of flowers, so should the field of my own soul be adorned by all the flowers of virtue; as the trees bring forth flowers and afterwards fruit, so must my soul bring forth the fruits of faith and good works. ~ St. John of Kronstadt

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