Start Walking!

The Old Bridge was constructed on top of long tree trunk. Point No Point, BC Canada

The only way to attain an important goal – is by doing.

When recovering from an injury, the physiotherapist suggested taking a local gym membership, and continue daily strengthening exercises on my own. I did, and initially all gung-ho, it was shocking to soon discover the grueling exercises in themselves weren’t the arduous part … The hardest part for me, was actually getting to the gym. Going to the gym became a battle. Every. Single. Time. Bizarrely, once at the gym, all was fine. But, to do it- I just had to go.

I’ve heard from parents, that the hardest part of going to church with babies, youth, or teens, is just getting there. Once they’re there, all is fine. But, to do it- they just had to come.

Time is shorter than we think, and we can’t afford to put off essential intentions by waiting for perfect conditions to start. Tomorrow never comes. There is only today.

To reach a goal, the name of the bridge we cross over is- Start Doing.

True, one may know man’s final goal: communion with God. And one may describe the path to it: faith, and walking in the commandments, with the aid of divine grace. One need only say in addition: here is the path- start walking! ~St. Theophan the Recluse

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