Wherever They Are

Hawaiian Beach Wedding – Hanalei, 2012

During a sunset walk on the beach, we happened upon a couple having wedding photos taken.

We snapped a quick picture, and offered a silent prayer for God to bless them in their life ahead.

The spontaneous kiss and obliviousness to everyone and everything (including the incoming tide splashing up to their knees), completed the romantic scene perfectly.

Of course, marriage is not just romance.

The Crowning at an Orthodox Christian wedding, symbolizes the glory and honour bestowed by God upon the couple during this sacrament… and that Christ establishes them as King and Queen of their home, which they are to rule with Wisdom, justice, and integrity.

The crowns are also referred to as Crowns of Martyrdom.

My godmother related a wedding story with newlyweds asking WHY on earth would there be a need to call these Martyr’s Crowns?

My godmother just said, “You’ll find out.”

Whenever I come across this photo, I can’t help but wonder how the beach couple are doing now.

May God help and bless them, wherever they are… in life’s journey.

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