Beasts of the Earth

It’s been a blessing to have had various pets throughout my life, and at times I still miss them.

Besides providing unconditional love, support and comfort… they help people live longer. (Or it can seem longer, with a tone-deaf cockatiel.)

All creatures great and small, carry the Divine Spark within, thereby enriching our lives because they can love.

Although animals or birds can’t speak as we do, they do nonetheless, praise God in their own way.

The beasts of the earth are unpretentious. They have no agenda. They are not ambitious, and live fully in the moment.

If we let them, they will teach us so many beautiful things.

The humble man approaches ravening beasts, and when their gaze rests upon him, their wildness is tamed. They come up to him as to their Master, wag their heads and tails, and lick his hands and feet, for they smell coming from him that same scent that exhaled from Adam before the fall, when they were gathered together before him and he gave them names in Paradise. This was taken away from us, but Jesus has renewed it, and given it back to us through His Coming. This it is which has sweetened the fragrance of the race of men. ~ Isaac the Syrian

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