Altar mosaic – St. Sophia Orthodox Church, Canada

Reading a passage from Colossians, I was curious to learn the definition of heartily as translated from Greek Scripture. It means from the soul.

Makes perfect sense! How else can we do things heartily, if not from the soul?

Whatever we do heartily is honourable and relevant – a transformation of dedication and purpose. It is the complete opposite of going through the motions of duty… mundanely, half-heartedly, without Love.

Whatever the circumstances, wherever we are in life, we become the difference, we become the changeby heartily dedicating all our actions to the glory of God.

We are here. Right now. Exactly where God has planted us!

May we – with God’s help, heartily blossom forth, enveloped in His Gladsome Light… radiating the Divine Harmony of Love and Peace all around us!

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